About us


The Scottish Aesthetics Forum (SAF) aims to support and promote study and research in aesthetics across Scotland. SAF invites prominent speakers to deliver a lecture open to the public in a Scottish university (presently the University of Edinburgh) on an aesthetics-related topic of their choice. This is in the hopes that anyone interested in aesthetics and the philosophy of art will have the opportunity to attend first-rate talks on cutting-edge research in aesthetics, thereby engaging with the subject.

SAF aims to address a wide array of interests in the field of aesthetics, including analytic and continental philosophical approaches, as well as interdisciplinary approaches spanning across the arts, humanities and sciences. We welcome suggestions for future projects and collaborations, and our events are free and open to all.


Organisers: Simon Fokt (Edinburgh), Clotilde Torregrossa (St Andrews), and Ash Watkins (St Andrews)

SAF was founded by Nicole Hall (Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Superieure) and Panos Paris (St Andrews)
SAF is generously supported by the British Society of Aesthetics and the Scots Philosophical Association.




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